Our love for film developed while exploring our other passions; music and architecture. As our skills advanced so did our desire to share them. We take pride in the process, from filming to editing, as well as the tools and technology. Using professional grade cameras, studio lighting, high-quality sound recording, and drones for aerial work, every project becomes a production.

Meet the Team


Karim El-Sayed

Babble Films is lead by veteran audio engineer and video producer, Karim El-Sayed, who has over 10 years of experience in the operation, production, and creative content fields of the professional television and entertainment industries. He's worked for media giants such FOX, ESPN, NESN, and more. From music to video, he posses an endless passion for all things creative.

Kyle Allen

To grow Babble's Real Estate Marketing Division, Kyle Allen was brought on in early 2017 after completing a Masters of Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. With a strong interest in film and a passion for all things design related, Kyle brings a trained eye for capturing space in both pictures and video.



Andrew Oak

Andrew is an seasoned producer and videographer who began working professionally at NESN as an operations technician and a digital video content producer for NESN.com. Over the past few years, Andrew has expanded his portfolio to include events, weddings, and music videos. Andrew’s engaging personality and entrepreneurial mindset has given Babble Films another creative mind to keep pushing the envelope in videography.

Lauren Prema

Supporting Babble Films since its inception, Lauren Prema has been the lead administrator in communications and outreach. She holds a master's degree in Intercultural Relations after completing a service with the Peace Corps, and she continues to travel the world as a chronic lifestyle. She offers a keen eye to cultural understandings, specializing in working with international clients, drafting contracts, and capturing intimate moments with the "glam cam" at weddings.